Granite Stone for Stairs Tread

Granite stone is a good choice for the staircase due to its beauty and durability. Natural granite stone for stairs tread can withstand heavy foot traffic and the maintenance of this type of granite is easy.

In this post, we will discuss the granite for staircase price, which stone is best for stairs, benefits, applications, maintenance, and installation, and finally discuss the granite stair treads price. So, let's continue to know the various aspects here.

Best Granite Stone for Stairs Tread

It is a popular granite stone in India, that offers aesthetic appeal and excellent durability when selecting for stairs like - natural granite or south black granite.

With an elegant indoor staircase and outdoor set of steps, it is resistant to scratches, wear & tear and is available in beautiful patterns. Granite stone slabs bring timeless beauty and practicality to any space.

Feature and Benefits of Granite Steps and Tread

Here are following of the benefits and features of granite steps and treads that are given below: -

1. Durability: - It is a very hard type of stone and durable material that is resistant to chips and scratches in foot traffic. Is granite good for stairs? Yes, granite stone for stair tread is good and strong for any space in your house.

2. Easy and Low Maintenance: - The maintenance and cleaning cost of the stones are low and they require a little maintenance. It is very easy to maintain and also protects granite from moisture.

3. Beauty: - It is available in wonderful patterns and colors, Its design is so awful. Granite finishes are also available in smooth finishes and designs that match any decor. Use dark green granite for stair tread.

4. Safety: - Granite is a safe material that is also a non-slip surface and is mainly used in stair treads. Granite stone or slab provides excellent traction and is also known as a luxurious and elegant stone in India for houses and buildings.

These are the main benefits of the granite stone in stair treads. It offers a number of benefits over other materials like - concrete.

Installation of Granite Stone Stair Treads

While installing granite stone in your house or building, you need the following materials such as; Granite treads, trowel, level, mortar, grout, rubber mallet, safety gloves, and glasses.

Here are some instructions that you can follow while installing granite stone stairs in your building:-

Measure the Stairs: - You need to check the amount of material that is required while installing granite for stair treads, so measure it out first. If you want to design your house with the latest granite engraving machine then use it for your beautiful design. 

Choose the Granite Stone: - Once you find the exact material requirement, you select which granite is best for stairs in your house or building. Also, choose the best suits your needs. You can select the pattern, color, design, polished or hard smooth granite stone. In the staircase, people use white granite instead of zebra black granite.

Prepare the Surface of the Subfloor: - The surface of the stairs must be clean and free of debris. If the surface is not level, you need to shim or sand granite stone before installing the stair treads.

Apply Adhesive or Grout: - Use a high-quality grout or adhesive on the back of the granite stone before installing it on the stairs. Grout float is also necessary in granite stone installation so securely attached to the stairs and prevents any shifting.

Install the Granite Stone: - Finally, install the granite stone in your house or building be careful not to overtighten the treads, as this could crack the stone. Granite should be pressed firmly to ensure the correct size and shape. If you want to install granite stone for kitchen platforms then select absolute black granite in India.

Granite Stone Maintenance in Stairs Treads

Here are the low-maintenance simple tips, you can keep in mind while maintaining the granite stone stair treads, check here the following tips: -

Clean Regularly: - You need to clean granite stone on a regular basis with a mild soap and water solution. Also, you can use the sweep or vacuum to remove dirt and debris from your stair treads. Don’t use abrasive to clean the scratches on the surface.

Avoid Staining: - Use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the stairs to a shine. Don’t use colored liquids for cleaning the granite. It is not stain-proof so, clean the surface on time to prevent the staining in granite stone. If use Indian black granite then clean it on a regular basis, weekly, or monthly basis.

Seal the Granite Treads: - It should be sealed at least once every year to prevent damage. Also, you can use a commercial granite sealer to seal the granite treads. Don’t use corrosive substances or acid-based sealers.

If any type of damage to the granite then needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Granite Stone for Stairs Tread Price in India

The price of granite stair treads varies depending on the type, color, size, and location of the stone. Generally, it is more expensive than other materials such as; Tile or wood.

It is an excellent material for stairs due to its smoothness, safety, durability, versatile design, non-slip, and beauty. Granite stone price in India ranges from ₹30 to ₹500 per square foot. While the cost of installation will depend on the size and complexity of your staircase.

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