Granite Stone for Curbing

Granite kerb stone has been used for curbing in many applications due to its beauty, adaptability, and toughness. Natural granite stone for curbing is well known for its distinctive color pattern.

It mostly consists of mica, feldspar, and quartz. Granite curbing is a landscaping work that shows wonderful results in your house or building. Granite stone is a natural granite and it is created when magma or lava cools and solidifies under the earth’s surface as a very slow cooling process and becomes a unique material.

In this post, we will discuss topics like; the benefits of granite stone, why choose the right granite curbing stone for your project, price in India, and how to care for granite, etc.

Granite Stone Curbing

This natural stone is highly durable and resistant. It is mostly made of gray granite but granite stone can also be found in other colors like white, black, and red. It is also available in polished form which gives it a smooth, reflective surface.Granite stone is used to define the edges of roads, sidewalks, and other paved areas.

Curbing is also very attractive and can add a touch of elegance to any landscape in your project. Granite curbing is a long-term investment that can last for many years with proper care. It is resistant to cracking, peeling, and staining. River black granite is also used in curbing.

Long-lasting for your curbing material granite is a great choice for property owners who want attractive curbing. Granite stone applications are roads sidewalks, walkways, parking lots, gardens, landscapes, and patios.

Benefits of Granite Stone for Curbing

There are the following of benefits curbing stone, including: -

  1. Strength and Durability: -It is one of the hardest natural stones on Earth. Granite is a great material for outdoor applications. This is important for curbing, which is exposed to heavy traffic and the elements.

Granite is resistant to extreme temperatures, moisture and UV radiation, weathering, and erosion.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: -It exists in a variety of colors & patterns, creation it a beautiful and attractive material to use. Granite stone has an gorgeous appeal and a wonderful impression that is back-breaking to achieve with other youngsters.

The graduations can be originate in a chicken design or smoked form, or it can be tumbled for a more rustic materialization finish. It is a classic material that is always on trend.

  1. Long Lifespan: - It is like a flexible particular that can be applied in a variation of curb applications for many decades with proper care. White granite is a good investment for resource owners who want to customize it by having it cut into multiple shapes and sizes to match the exact needs of the project.
  2. Resistance to Freeze-thaw Cycles: -It is very resistant to cracking, peeling, and staining cycles, which is important for prevention in cold climates.

And, it is very resistant to frequent freeze-thaw cycles, which is important for prevention in cold climates.

Choosing the Right Granite Curbing Stone

Here are the following factors you consider while choosing granite curbing stone for your projects: -

Color Pattern: - Granite comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Check the pattern of your granite stone when selecting it for your project.

Thickness: - It can be found in various thicknesses from 2 to 5 cm. It is essential to select the right thickness of granite stone according to your project.

Granite comes in greater flexibility and resistance to damage and heavy use are the qualities of thicker curbstone.

Climate: - If you are living in a cold climate then you will need granite stone for carving as it is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. Want to design your granite curbing stone with the help of a granite engraving machine then you get a more beautiful look in curbing.

Traffic: - This is a great choice if you want to install granite stone in a heavy-traffic area. You need to choose granite that is very durable, resists erosion, and improves drainage.

Protect Landscaping and Texture: - Choose granite that has a non-slip finish. When choosing granite stones for curbing, consider the best stones listed here – Absolute Black, Sahara Noir, Silver Mist, White Pearl, Emerald Pearl, Verde River, Ayers Rock, and Sierra Grey Granite. Select these granite stones as per your requirements.

Caring for Your Granite Curbing

If you are a beginner or a professional granite curbing cleaner then some of the care tips and tricks given below will help you:-

  • Granite stone should be cleaned frequently to remain in good shape. You can clean your curbs on a regular or annual basis with the help of mild soap and soft water. Do not clean any stains from granite curbs with unusual detergents.
  • You can protect your curbing from stains and weathering with the help of sealing. Do not use harsh chemicals to seal gaps in granite stone. Granite is a porous material, so if it is not properly sealed, it can absorb liquids.
  • Remove dirt and debris from the granite, these can damage the granite. Avoid parking your vehicle directly on your street. This can damage the granite over time.
  • If you find any cracks or chips in your granite curbing, get them repaired by a qualified contractor as soon as possible otherwise you will suffer huge damage. Break the granite curb and try to fix it immediately.
  • Remove plants from the curb by pruning them. So granite curbing gives a good look.
  • Clean with a soft cloth and mild cleaning agent suitable for your granite curbing stone. Do not clean the curbing with the help of any chemical or abrasive. Otherwise, the look of your curbing stone will be spoiled.

Above are the best caring tips, you can keep your granite curbing looking its best for many years to come.

Granite Stone for Curbing Price in India

The price of granite stone for curbing in India depends on many factors such as; type of granite, size of curbing, thickness of curbing, color, pattern, and location of supplier.

However, to get the latest price range you have to contact the online granite stone supplier "Ambica Enterprises". Furthermore, you can expect the starting price to be around INR 30 per square foot and the cost of expensive curbing stones to be around INR 500 per square foot in India.

The best way to get an accurate quotation for Granite Curbing Stone is to call at- +91-8094701127. Our team will assess your needs and send you a quotation as to what type of granite curbing you would like.