Granite Stone for Paving Tiles

Granite stone, known as a natural stone, has become more popular for outdoor living spaces. Granite stone for paving tiles offers a unique design pattern combining strength, aesthetic appeal, and durability. It is a top choice for homeowners.

This stone was formed under extreme heat and pressure. Granite stands out as one of the hardest materials. Granite paving tiles are highly resistant to stains, weathering, and scratches.

It also requires minimal maintenance costs, making granite stone a practical choice for people with busy lifestyles. In this post, know more details related to benefits, properties, installation and maintenance tips, best suppliers, and price in India.

Natural Granite Stone for Paving Tiles

It is a tough and long-lasting stone that is popular among homeowners that used it in the outer side. Granite stone is also resistant to stains, cracks, and fading. It comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Granite stone tiles come in a variety of finishes such as burnished, melted, polished, and carved.

Granite Stone Paving Slabs

For outdoor spaces like patios, pathways, and driveways, granite stone is a fantastic option. These are made of natural granite which is also known for its beauty, durability, low maintenance, and strength. The colors of granite stones include black, red, grey, green, and brown.

Here are some of the following polished natural granite stone for paving tiles that are given below: -

  • Silver Grey Granite Paving Slabs: - It is a modern stone that provides a contemporary, style, and elegant design that matches any type of home. Granite slabs in silver-gray can sustain a lot of foot traffic.
  • Reclaimed Granite Paving Slabs: - It is a workable option for environmentally friendly outdoor flooring. These stones have a unique personality that is not present in granite slabs that are brand-new. Reclaimed granite slabs are made from old granite slabs.

Benefits of Granite Paving Tiles

  • Beauty and Durability: - It is a naturally beautiful stone that is a great choice for creating unique external places also, available in a wide range of color patterns like - maroon granite stone. The hardness score of granite stone is high. This type of granite stone is used in outdoor places like; areas of extreme cold and fire location.
  • Low Maintenance: - This stone requires very little maintenance and does not need to be cleaned on a regular basis, only occasionally with normal mild soap and water. Granite floor tiles are resistant to staining and fading.
  • Fire Resistance: - It is a non-combustible material making it a safe choice for locations where there is a risk of fire. Granite paving tiles do not release any harmful chemicals into the environment.
  • Granite tiles are suitable for use on a patio, fire pit area, pool deck, driveway, garden path, pathway, and other high-traffic areas.

Installation and Maintenance of Granite Paving Tiles

Here are the following instructions for installing and maintaining granite paving tiles:

Installation Instructions: - Professionals and beginners are also able to install granite stone paving tiles. During installation, numerous materials were used, such as; Granite floor tiles, sand, rubber mallet, mortar, trowel, level, string line, and edge curb.

Here are the simple Instructions:

  1. Prepare the sub-base where you install paving tiles.
  2. Lay a layer of sand and Edge prevention.
  3. Apply a thin layer of mortar to the sand bed.
  4. Design your paving tiles with a granite engraving machine
  5. Lay paving tiles and Fill out the grout joints.
  6. Allow the grout to dry completely.

Maintenance: -

Do not use chemicals or abrasive substances to clean granite; this may damage the surface of the tiles. Always use mild soap and water to clean tiles. If you notice any cracks while cleaning, get them repaired as soon as possible.

If you find additional gaps between tiles, seal them immediately. This protects granite tiles from weeds, moss, stains, and weathering.

Supplier of Granite Stone for Paving Tiles 

Ambica Enterprises offers a wide range of granite stone products for indoor and outdoor in different color patterns; with customized sizes, shapes, and other types of services at an affordable price in India. We provide many types of granite stone such as Sierra Grey Granite, Maroon Granite Stone, Dark Green Granite, Zebra Black Granite, Z Brown Granite, etc.